Meet the Ponies

Each one of our Ponies are special in their own unique way. They love to play with children and love to be the centre of attention at each Pony Party. All of our miniature ponies are perfectly safe for Kids Parties and are no danger what so ever.


Hello boys and girls, my name is Daisy but my full name is HMH Alfires Daisy. I am an International Miniature Horse. I was born in Leeds in 2006 then moved to Welwyn Herts where I met Serenity before coming here to join the pony party gang. I love to mother the younger horses and especially Smarty. I am very kind and patient and love dressing up in ribbons and bows.


Hi kids, my name is Dazzle and my full name is Finnich Glen Dazzle N Dance. I was born in Scotland where the rain makes lovely green grass and I shared my field with sheep! I moved to Nottingham to join my new mums pony party gang. I am really gentle and love children. I love going out and about for walks and because I am so small only 28″ high I look after very young children. My best friend is Tocco, we have lots of fun together as we are both young boys who love to chase and play.


Hi my name is Tocco and I am the smallest pony in the gang. I am only 22″ tall. I am a Shetland Pony and was rescued from a very bad start. When I arrived I was very poorly and needed a lot of love and care. I was very lucky and came to live here as now I get to meet lovely children who give me lots of cuddles which I love!


Hi Kids, my name is Smarty and I am the youngest Pony here! My mum is Serenity and my best friend is Aunty Daisy as she loves to fuss over me. I love being at all the Birthday Parties as I love all of the attention. I hope to see you here soon!


Hi everyone, my name is Serenity and my full name is Hollowmoor Neros Serenity. I am a British Spotted Pony. I am 9 yrs old and have just had a cheeky baby boy called Smarty. I am the tallest miniature horse here at 33″ so I like to take care of the older children. My best friend is Daisy. I love to dress up in sparkles!