About me and my Ponies

I have had a deep love of horses for as long as I can remember. As a very young child I would beg Santa every year for a pony. Unfortunately my parents were none too keen, thinking that I would grow out of my obsession. I made do with creating shoebox stables for my ever growing collection of plastic ponies and making my grans dog, a little poodle into my show jumping hero.
After many years of begging I was lucky enough to finally have my ultimate dream my very own pony and I named her Dreamer. My long suffering partner will testify that I have never looked back. Now many years later I have added to my passion and my herd has grown in number.

My fields now contain beautiful tiny miniature horses, Welsh ponies and American Paint horses. My aim is to share my passion with children and let them experience these fantastic gentle and dignified animals. To watch them grow with confidence and share in there pleasure and wonder in a relaxed fun filled atmosphere, creating fun and lasting memories.

A few other passions of mine…

Click here to add your own textI have always been an animal lover and being a Mum of two I try to make as much time to fit everything in as possible. Along with running Twinkle toes Pony Parties, I also have 3 little gorgeous dogs that I love and they get dressed up just as much as the horses do!
Dogs love to be involved in our Kids Parties